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  • Parenting

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  • It's no secret, parenting is often seen as one of the toughest jobs around. Putting the right effort into the relationships we build with our children will pay off in all aspects of life.

    Focusing efforts and attention on parenting techniques can often help to resolve concerns regarding:

    • How to raise kids who aren’t spoiled
    • How to respond to children getting bullied or picked on in school
    • Dealing with divorce and co-parenting
    • How to negotiate issues related to the use of drugs and alcohol
    • How and when to talk with children about sexuality and sex
    • Fighting over the completion or the efforts of homework
    • School placement and making the best decisions for the growth of your child
    • Parenting styles and the difference between each parent
    • How to handle poor grades and fights over studying

    When considering parenting there are many forms of communication that may require help. Sometimes solutions can be found with family therapy, other times it may be for therapy as couple or even individual therapy sessions that provide guidance on the above issues and more.

    Family Therapy can sometimes be seen as a short proposition. The reason is because as human beings, what it means to be a good parent can’t be separated from the expected growth that life provides over time. Our ability to speak rationally, to build with conflict, to build relationships and to be demanding of those around us are skills that are valuable in all stages of life. These skills grow far beyond just building relationships with our children.